Block New & Emerging Threats with SECURITY DATABASE

Ensuring security of the modern computer network with a large number of system and devices consumes a big effort. Keeping track all new gaps becomes more and more difficult.Here I wanted to present a very good Infosec source. is an online computer security portal .provide free comprehensive and complete information about product vulnerabilities and tools for penetration testing based on open international standards.

The most important is that the creator of Security-database managed to provide visitors with latest vulnerability alerts, by taking in consideration the CVE identifier number with a brief description of this vulnerability. Including report references if offered by the vendor.

That’s not all because all these alerts are in accordance to several international information security standards including OVAL ID, CWE ID, CAPEC ID, and SAINTexploitID.

I really like the Fact that this website helps auditor to find all their needs to perform Auditing tasks by providing the best security tools with a short description and a link to the product. It also gives visitors the possibility to participate at the portal by submitting new security tools so they feel that they play a big role in achieving portal success.

At the Top of the page, visitor can find several tabs to make search for the desired vulnerability. Under the alert you can choose the vendor and it will brings you all vulnerabilities related to the concerned vendor. You can filter what you are searching for by Year, Month, day, Severity or Categories.

As you can see information obtained from is vital for any system administrator looking to prevent and manage threats on the Information system. All the warnings are recorded in the database and are available at any time.

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