BIND 9 vulnerable to DoS

DNS holeInternet Systems Consortium and US-CERT warned of a new vulnerability that concerns DNS-server code, Berkeley Internet Name Domain 9 (BIND9), this vulnerability can lead to system failure in the popular DNS BIND9.

Richard Hyatt from Bluecat Networks Inc. alerted of the new zero day vulnerability and encourages all costumers to patch there servers as soon as possible while it is confirmed the existence of the exploit for this zero day vulnerability

Yesterday US-CERT have released advisory that contains a list with the BIND9 versions that are Affected by this vulnerability in which you can find Ubuntu while Nominum is not concerned.

The instruction illustrates that an attacker can crash the DNS server by sending remotely a specially-crafted dynamic update packet as a result the DNS server should be restarted manually.

So secure your stuff and keep working!

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