Beware of the Disassembled Malware Emails

Security software company Symantec is alerting of a new malware that is using a disassembled malicious file to evade antimalware protection. Cybercriminals have created a hidden .dat files attached to the email with a shortcut used to reassemble the malware.

When the victim click on the shortcut the computer will start by assembling the .dat files and execute the malware as a result this will infect victims machine. the attack is very effective for two points if we will scan infected files we will not be able to detect any suspicious or malicious program as the malware is broken in 2 peaces.

Fig1_3screenshot for the Malicious folder

The second point that it is only required from user to click on the shortcut to have the malware installed incautiously. According to Symantec “In normal circumstances, there are no practical reasons for emails to contain shortcut files. If organizations feel shortcut files are not needed in email attachments, they can explore the possibility of filtering out that file type at the gateway of the network.”

On the other hand make sure to have latest security software definition to be protected in case you have clicked on such a shortcut.

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