Beware of more rogueware scams

Today two new fake antivirus have been reported by S!Ri , the first is Windows Firewall Constructor and the second Windows Stability Guard, both of them are from the same family but they change their name and what they claim to detect for tricking new users.

Screenshot for Windows Firewall Constructor (click to enlarge)

Screenshot for Windows Stability Guard (click to enlarge)

Changing the name constantly will help cybercriminal for having more victims. If we look at the first malware than we can find that it list in the fake alert Sality, suspicious packer and rarepacker while the second alerts about trojan agent server-web malware and more.

On the other hand Zscaler have also reported a 12 hijacked website that are redirecting to 3 fake AV pages. Here you can find the video for Fake AV page live:

It is important to be very careful on where clicking and what visiting on internet, make sure that you have an updated security software to avoid at least the well-known malwares.

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