Best Virus Protection is a Fake Malware Notification

Best Virus Protection is a newly observed fake antivirus that is similar to AV Security Essential , from the name of this malware user will be motivated to have the best antivirus software but it is not the case as it is rogue software that will claim detecting many viruses and malwares.

This sophisticated virus will install spyware to grab victim’s logins and passwords, online banking accounts, and makes his machine a part of botnet. The name of the virus is so attractive that a person will directly think to stop and remove his purchased legitimate security software to install the Best Virus Protection.

Snapshot for Best Virus Protection (click to enlarge)

The malware will display several fake notification Warnings! like Virus detected, SpamTool.Win32.Delf.h:

 SpamTool.Win32.Delf.h Fake Alert (click to enlarge)

Or Fake software updates notification. No network activity :

Fake alert for the Network activity update failure

When your computer is clean from viruses you feel that you will never be the next victim but when the malware gets installed It is so difficult to clean it, so I recommend that you spend some time to defened your operating system, this includes updating your security software and being sure to have the latest system and application update. This can take you few minutes while removing stealthy malwares can take you few days if not more.