BackTrack 4 Beta released 2009

The Remote Exploit Development Team has just announced BackTrack 4 Beta and they consider the version to be stable and usable, there are a lot of new features including:

* Kernel with better hardware support.
*Native support for Pico e12 and e16 cards is now fully functional, making BackTrack the first pentesting distro to fully utilize these awesome tiny machines.
* Support for PXE Boot – Boot BackTrack over the network with PXE supported cards!
* SAINT EXPLOIT – kindly provided by SAINT corporation for our users with a limited number of free IPs.
* MALTEGO – The guys over at Paterva did outstanding work with Maltego 2.0.2 – which is featured in BackTrack as a community edition.
* The latest mac80211 wireless injection pacthes are applied, with several custom patches for rtl8187 injection speed enhancements. Wireless injection support has never been so broad and functional.
* Unicornscan – Fully functional with postgress logging support and a web front end.
* RFID support
* Pyrit CUDA support…
* New and updated tools – the list is endless!

The BackTrack ISO and VMWare images are available here.