BackBox 3.05 – Penetration Testing Distribution!

Over this week the Linux Foundation announced a new distribution for BackBox Linux 3.05, which contains the kernel of Linux 3.2. This distribution is similar to backtrack and comes to test the security level of a system.

According to the developers, the operating system, which became the basis for Ubuntu 12.04, comes with a set of tools used to assess and detect lost or hidden data. As for the user’s environment, it is based on Xfce 4.8.

The developers have fixed a number of security vulnerabilities, improve productivity, start menu, drivers Wi-Fi (compat-wireless aircrack patched), and also added new and updated the old tools – bAutomater, inundator, Ettercap, Wireshark, SE Toolkit, Metasploit, sqlmap, BeEF, Recon -ng, zaproxy, Weevely, THC-IPV6, truecrack, Hashcat), and more.

The-Ultimate-Hacking-Tools-Included-in-BackBox-Linux-3-05BackBox Desktop (Click on the image to enlarge)

You can download BackBox release on the following link:

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[…] First of all penetration tester needs to generate the php backdoor file with password of connection. Next upload the weevely.php file to the webserver that is generated by the tool, weevely will automatically detects the best way to execute the commands on targeted system. Weevely communications are hidden in HTTP Cookies and is obfuscated to bypass NIDS signature detection. if you are using Backtrack you can find the tool already integrated under /pentest/web/backdoors/. it is also possible to find it on BackBox. […]