AxCrypt – Lock your File With Strong Encryption

There is several ways to encrypt your files, this week we posted about Vanishcrypt useful tool that can help to create a virtual encrypted storage on your local system, some people prefer to encrypt just a single file, so you don’t need to create a storage but you have a document that you want to encrypt with a secure algorithm and then send it by email or upload it on Dropbox, Live Mesh or SkyDrive to use it later.

For this situation you can use AxCrypt, AxCrypt is an open source application that can simply encrypt any file with a full AES 128 bit in a very fast manner. You just execute the program and follow installation step and you will find it on your computer.
To encrypt any document you just go to the file click the right button on the mouse and from the menu you select your action, you can encrypt file and lock it with password or passphrase, you can rename the file that re already encrypted or decrypt it directly from the same menu.


AxCrypt Menu Screenshot (click to enlarge)

This tool is very useful as you find people need to encrypt data and they are not technical, so the procedure of usage is very simple and can be used by any person with no technical background. And you can find it on several languages including English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish.

Screenshot for the Encrypted file

To install the tool check the following link:

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