AVG prepares an Anti-Virus for Mac OS and iPhone

avg_antivirusThe day when Apple was secured is gone .The increasing popularity of Apple not only attracts fans but also Hackers.After the recent reports of existing vulnerability in iPhones SMS and the keyboard MAC hacking method many security companies are working these days to provide a new ways to protects Apple users.

AVG the security software company announced on the CNET UK that they are preparing a new fully functional antivirus for OS X, and by the end of 2010 they will produce a real-time scanner for iPhone, however the increasing iPhone application development created a problem that the current smartphone does not allow applications to run on the background. So it is currently impossible for these embedded systems to scan in real time.

Well AVG is providing already a free product AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition and it is good to find AV companies focusing on the Mac community and games consoles.

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