AVG Describes the Blackhole Kit as Most Active Threat on the Web

Security Software Company AVG have released their Community Powered Threat Report for the first quarter of this year, the blackhole exploit kit remains the first web threat by 43% of total malicious websites detected.

Blackhole exploit is maintained and constantly update the source code, it is a polymorphic kit and using obfuscation to trick and bypass different security software’s, according to the study web pages that are hosting Fake antiviruses are on the second place with 27,3% , FakeAV are becoming a whole industry for cybercriminals as it allow them to sell software’s that claim to protect victims.

Spamming pharmacy websites are listed on the third place by 7,71%, actually these are fake webpages that are claiming to sell some medical products and many fall victim by purchasing their product online but obviously criminals do not deliver anything so be very careful with your online shopping sources.

Next the document moves to mobile threats and AVG is alerting on Android malwares where attackers are using Facebook and twitter for promoting and spreading new viruses to mobile users, techniques that are used over Facebook is that attacker starts by sending a friends request and on his profile a link to a malicious website, here if the victim wanted to search profile content , clicking on the link will download and install the malicious software.

So malware authors are not anymore using standard ways for attacking new victims, they are actively using social network resources, vulnerable websites and spamming messages. To protect your personal mobile system make sure that you install applications only from Google play portal or trusted sources, consider a permission monitoring application such as App Permission Watcher, and if you are using social network on your device verify any link shared by users before visiting the website , for this you can consider virustotal website. As always secure your stuff and keep working.

you can read the full report on the following link.

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