Autorize – Burp Extension to Scan for Authorization Enforcement

Autorize is an extension aimed at helping the penetration tester to detect authorization vulnerabilities, one of the more time-consuming tasks in a web application penetration test.

It is sufficient to give to the extension the cookies of a low privileged user and navigate the website with a high privileged user. The extension automatically repeats every request with the session of the low privileged user and detects authorization vulnerabilities.

Autorize - Burp Extension to Detect Authorization Enforcement
Autorize – Burp Extension to Detect Authorization Enforcement

It is also possible to repeat every request without any cookies in order to detect authentication vulnerabilities in addiction to authorization ones. The plugin works without any configuration, but is also highly customizable, allowing configuration of the granularity of the authorization enforcement conditions and also which requests the plugin must test and which not.

It is possible to save the state of the plugin and to export a report of the authorization tests in HTML or in CSV. The reported enforcement statuses are the following:

  • Bypassed! – Red color
  • Enforced! – Green color
  • Is enforced??? (please configure enforcement detector) – Yellow color

The 3rd status means that Autorize cannot determine if authorization is enforced or not, and so Autorize will ask you to configure a filter in the enforcement detector tabs. There are two different enforcement detector tabs, one for the detection of the enforcement of low-privileged requests and one for the detection of the enforcement of unauthenticated requests.

The enforcement detector filters will allow Autorize to detect authentication and authorization enforcement in the response of the server by content length or string (literal string or regex) in the message body, headers or in the full request.

You can read more and download this extension in BappStore or over here:

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