AttackForge – Penetration Testing Platform

AttackForge is a free-to-use collaboration platform for pentesters and business to help you manage your own security and penetration testing projects. There is several tools integrated with the platform and will allow to automate tasks for example email notifications on start/stop testing daily; Slack integration for private communication; ability to add people to Teams to share knowledge; calendar to schedule to plan upcoming projects; remediation tracking for all vulnerabilities; and analytics to provide greater insight across range of pentests.

AttackForge - Penetration Testing Framework
AttackForge – Penetration Testing Framework

The Framework can significantly increase actual time spent testing. It helps people quickly create projects and give access to pentesters and the business so they can collaborate and get started on testing sooner. It has an integrated issue library with over 1300 vulnerability definitions from CWE and CAPEC, and takes on average less than 30 seconds to add a finding on a pentest.

All reporting is automated, on-demand and near real-time – that means pentesters no longer need to manually create reports; and business no longer needs to wait to recieve reports, and can immediately see issues as they are discovered and export them to own JIRA Cloud project so developers can start remediation straight away.

AttackForge integrates best practice testing benchmarks which helps business understand what the pentester is actually testing, and helps pentester structure their testing. Pentesters can also create their own benchmarks or test suites for specific clients or projects.

The method used with this framework makes communication, collaboration, transparency and reporting easier, and eliminates many of the pain points for a typical pentest project.

You can try this framework and register over here:

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