HACKAstalavista website was hacked by hackers referring themselves as anti-sec group.

Astalavista used to be a hacking and security community that started in 1994 and was one of the first search engines for exploit and computer security information. It has provided a board for hacking & security community to share the latest techniques for software cracking, spyware editing, and viruses.

According to anti-sec group they targeted to the fact that they are not doing any of this for the “community” but for the money, they spread exploits for kids, claim to be a security community (with no real sense of security on their own servers), and they charge you $6.66 per months to access a dead forum with a directory filled with public releases and outdated / broken services. We wanted to see how good that “team of security and IT professionals” really is.

And they also shared the shell command to getting into the webserver which you can find on the Zone-h website.

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