Asgard – PHP Malware Scanner

When hackers compromise a website they usually implement a backdoor or a malicious script this to infect visitors and spread the malware or having a point of access on the vulnerable website for the future. If you are looking to scan a web-server you can use Asgard.

Asgard Security Scanner is a fast and free security tool that helps you detect malware in your WordPress installation. Secure your site and increase search ranking. This installation can be in form of wordpress plugin, CLI scanner or an API engine that you can have included with you cloud services.


Key Features:

  • Run a security scan for malware and blacklists
  • Reporting of security overview after WordPress blog is scanned
  • Forbid common exploits and attack patterns

Blacklist Check:

  • Google/Yandex SafeBrowsing malware and phishing check
  • Yandex.DNS adult/malware check
  • Spamhaus Domain Blacklist (DBL) check
  • Check domain reputation in “Web Of Trust”

You can find more details about this tool over this link:

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