APT2 – Automated Penetration Testing Toolkit

Post exploitation tools are important to run a proof of concept when there is a penetration testing project. APT2 is an automated pentest tool that you can use to exploit a vulnerability already discovered by scanners.

The tool can import result from several scanners such as Nexpose, Nessus, or NMap. Next it will use the information to launch exploit and enumeration modules according to the configurable Safe Level and enumerated service information.

Some of the modules are:

  • hydrasmbpassword this will attempt to bruteforce SMB passwords
  • msf_snmpenumshares this will enumerate SMB Shares via LanManager OID Values
  • crackPasswordHashJohnTR this module will attempt to crack any password hashes
  • msf_snmplogin this attempt Login Using Common Community Strings
  • msf_snmpenumusers this to enumerate Local User Accounts Using LanManager/psProcessUsername OID Values
  • userenumrpcclient this module list users From SMB
  • httpscreenshot this module will provide Screen Shot of Web Pages
  • httpserverversion this module will get HTTP Server Version

APT2 Automated Penetration Testing Toolkit

Automated Penetration Testing Toolkit (APT2) is an extendable modular framework so when you discover any service on your network APT2 will attempt common authentication and exploit the vulnerable services.

You can download this tool over this link: https://github.com/MooseDojo/

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