Appologies to my readers

Dear readers I have an apology to make.

As you may know it was recently highlighted by that content on my blog and in other publications, such as the book Cloud Security Rules, were plagiarised. have outlined their findings at while the publisher of the Cloud Security Rules, The Roer group, has published its response at  I accept that I have mistakenly not acknowledged properly the original authors in my posts nor have I disclosed where I got the original material from.  This was an omission on my part and there was no malicious intent in my actions.

My practice when posting have been to read a source, and use parts of that source in my post, adding my own comments as I saw fit. I thought I made it clear in my posts that I was using parts from other sources. I should have used quote marks where appropriate, I should have linked to the original content, and I should have made sure that the author name was mentioned in my posts.

I wish to apologise to you the reader, the authors and sources whom I have not properly acknowledged and my fellow authors of the Cloud Security Rules book and its publisher the Roer Group for this serious omission.  The sharing of information and knowledge is a cornerstone to what makes the information security community such an exciting and vibrant community.  Plagiarism has no place in this community and indeed can undermine the willingness of others to share. I commit to ensuring all my future writing will fully acknowledge all sources of materials that I may use.

Finaly I would like to thank those of you who assisted me in this challenge, you know who you are. Please accept my apologies, in the hopes that I can learn from my mistake and provide reliable information in the future.



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Luis Santana

I’ve accidentally done stuff like this myself and I can sympathize with an honest mistake. Takes a lot to own up to it in such a public apology and I’m sure the rest of your readers will greatly appreciate it.


I don’t believe you