App Permission Watcher Android Tool to Display Application Security Level

By the increasing number of smartphone malwares it is important to install an application that will monitor all activities on your device, this will get you an instant notification for suspicious applications or programs and help you to avoid malicious apps at an early stage.

If you are using Android operating system for your smartphone than you can check App Permission Watcher, this program will help you to secure and protect your smartphone by listing suspicious application, listing different permissions for all installed application, flag the trusted application in a way to make user confident in their existence and it is freely available with no advertising banners.

Screenshot for App Permission Watcher (click to enlarge)

Some malicious software finds a way to bypass certain security measures and install themselves directly without any permissions, and here victim will have a difficulty to revoke the malicious application so for protecting your Android system you can use this free and simple application.

you can download and read more about App Permission Watcher at the official website:

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