Antisec Attacks on Tunisian Govt are not Justified

Following the last message sent by Anonymous to Government of Tunisia and the attack by LulzSec team that joined Anonymous targeting Tunisian govt website I had a short conversation with Haythem El MIR (@elmirhaythem), CTO of National agency for Computer Security of Tunisia.

How do you find the attack by Antisec on different government facilities especially Tunisia, Do you think that these attacks are justified?

Anonymous and LulzSec are doing a great job to maintain pressure on governments and fight censorship; but they do not know that even the government of Tunisia is against censorship.

Currently everything is accessible in Tunisia except porn websites and 4 pages calling for hate and violence; it was a verdict from the court.

For porn websites, it was a group of conservatives who mandated 3 lawyers to complain, the verdict asked the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) to censor these websites, the ATI refused to apply but it was a court verdict, there is no choice and then they decided to appeal.

Some people do welcome Antisec attacks as it helps removing Internet censorship in different countries. Do these attacks really solve censorship problems?

First of all I would like to thank anonymous for helping us in January, it was a great job, but now it’s not the case. Tunisia is changing; we are busy with the political and economic environments, and not censorship. But I’m asking myself if they know that in Tunisia we did a revolution and everything is changing.

Censorship is a battle inside the Tunisian court, between conservatives and people looking for a fully open Internet, and there is no way to go back to censor the political opinion, because all Tunisian people will be fighting for that.

This is the reality, it was not a decision from the government, so AntiSec attack on Tunisian cyberspace has no justification and they should know what’s happening in each country before starting a dedicated operation.

However we are quite sure that, hackers from Tunisia misinformed Anonymous and LulzSec and these same people hacked the government website ( website dedicated to publish tenders).

When I’ve read thousands of tweets and articles talking about “Anonymous takes down Tunisian government site in the name of antisec” I was really surprised to see all this propaganda about a country that is trying to build itself, in fact, it was the same propaganda they did before the revolution.

If you want to tell something to anonymous what will be?

I want to tell a message for anonymous: We do respect your cause and your effort to fight censorship, you are a legion but you should know yourself before, who is anonymous, who belongs to anonymous, what is your target and is it the right target.

According to Sun Tzu “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.”

Many hackers claiming their belonging to anonymous and now as a part of antisec operation are lying, because they are not fighting for anonymous cause but for their own business. The investigation we made has proven that, and these people are no longer anonymous.

As a security professional we do recognize that our systems are not secure enough, anonymous had proven that, we are really grateful. Actually, it’s a great challenge, especially in this critical period, but we are also a legion we will keep fighting, we will never forget but we can forgive.

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