Anonymous Operating System Shipped with Backdoors

Anonymous the hack activist group has released an operating system designed for their activities that include tools for breaching systems and hacking online services to create the usual shout on internet and bring attention to their act.

The operating system is based on Ubuntu Linux image added to it some hacking application such as ParolaPass Password Generator, Find Host IP, Anonymous HOIC, Ddosim, Pyloris and more.

Screenshot for the Anonymous OS

Well all applications are known by almost any person on internet but the problem if the system is secured or not. Using Ubuntu will make any person tracked directly before even launching a trace route, as the system gets update from mirror on internet and it contains the NTP protocol for updating the system time so you are not anonymous anymore.

Up to now more than 26,000 people have downloaded this operating system and Anonops a twitter account that update group member with the news twitted that the Operating System is fake and it contains Trojan.