Anevicon – UDP-based Stress-testing Tool

Anevicon is a high-performance traffic generator, designed to be as convenient and reliable as it is possible. It sends numerous UDP-packets to a server, thereby simulating an activity that can be produced by your end users or a group of hackers.

This tool can be used as a bot to build a botnet for simulating UDP-based DDoS attacks (but only for educational and pentesting purposes).

Anevicon - UDP-based Stress-testing Tool
Anevicon – UDP-based Stress-testing Tool

Some of the possible test options are:

  • Minimal command – This to test server address, which consists of an IP address and a port.
  • Multiple receivers – This will run parallel attack to several systems
  • IP spoofing – This to hide hacker IP and source of the attack
  • End conditions – This to control number and amount of packets and this is useful when you are looking to run the stress aginst the same target with different conditions or configuration.
  • Packet size – this to specify a global packet length.
  • Test intensity – Some test situation you will not need to generate maximum amount of packets per second maybe to avoid crashing the system or any other reason. in this type of test you can just select the required amount.

You can read more and download the tool over here:

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