Android Malware Hides in Fake Angry Birds Space

On a daily bases new type of malwares are discovered with different targets , Today a new case have been reported by SophosLab  that are targeting Android smartphone devices. Here cybercriminals are using a popular game called ‘Angry Birds’ to attract users to the malicious software.

The new edition claimed by attackers is ‘Angry Birds Space’ where they include a malicious program in the software package that allows attacker to get root privilege on the smartphone device. If the victim executes the Trojan it will start to communicate with remote website to download another piece of malware on the Android system.

Screenshot for Android Interface with Malicious program installed

Here it is important to be sure about your source of games and software’s and never run any application that are not hosted on Google Play or a similar trusted source.

If your device be infected it will be part of a wide zombie network and can be used for any malicious purposes such as attacking other user or using your information for spreading the malware further.  The current Trojan horse Sophos detects as Andr/KongFu-L.

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