Airgeddon – Multi-use Bash Script to Audit Wireless Network

Airgeddon is a multi-use bash script for Linux systems to audit wireless networks. This will allow security tester to test DoS over wireless networks using different methods (mdk3, mdk4, aireplay-ng).

Offline password decrypting on WPA/WPA2 captured files for personal networks (dictionary, bruteforce and rule based) based on aircrack, crunch and hashcat tools.

Airgeddon - Multi-use Bash Script to Audit Wireless Network
Airgeddon – Multi-use Bash Script to Audit Wireless Network

Another possible attack is to implement fake AP with Evil Twin attacks (Rogue AP) this allow the following functionality:

  • Only Rogue/Fake AP mode to sniff using external sniffer (Hostapd + DHCP + DoS)
  • Simple integrated sniffing (Hostapd + DHCP + DoS + Ettercap)
  • Integrated sniffing, sslstrip (Hostapd + DHCP + DoS + Ettercap + Sslstrip)
  • Integrated sniffing, sslstrip2 and BeEF browser exploitation framework (Hostapd + DHCP + DoS + Bettercap + BeEF)
  • Captive portal with “DNS blackhole” to capture wifi passwords (Hostapd + DHCP + DoS + Dnsspoff + Lighttpd)
  • Optional MAC spoofing for all Evil Twin attacks

WPS features:

  • WPS scanning (wash). Self parameterization to avoid “bad fcs” problem
  • Custom PIN association (bully and reaver)
  • Pixie Dust attacks (bully and reaver)
  • Bruteforce PIN attacks (bully and reaver)
  • Null PIN attack (reaver)
  • Known WPS PINs attack (bully and reaver), based on online PIN database with auto-update
  • Integration of the most common PIN generation algorithms (ComputePIN, EasyBox, Arcadyan, etc.)
  • Offline PIN generation and the possibility to search PIN results on database for a target
  • Parameterizable timeouts for all attacks

Enterprise networks attacks:

  • Fake AP using “smooth” and “noisy” modes capturing enterprise hashes and plain passwords
  • Custom certificates creation

There are support for many functionality and attacks for awareness labs or to verify enterprise security level. You can read more and download the tool over here:

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