Advanced Virtual Host BruteForcer

When we look at any web application it is possible to find the admin panel using a URL or a sub domain that will allow webmaster to change or configure the web content. The admin panel can be found with the help of scanners that crawl the application searching for login page.

Advanced Virtual Host BruteForcer (AVHBF) is a tool that can be used to search a domain for secret places that may contain the admin panel such as admin.domain, dev.domain corporate.domain and other sub-domains according to tool dictionary beside searching for .dev / .test / .local / .development / .beta / .int zones on the targeted server.

AVHBF includes a smart mechanism that allows detecting the response of the web application to have more information about the target. For example nginx replies for non-existing domain 200 HTTP which will make the search faster according to the response without false positives.

The default port when scanning is 80 but it is possible to customize the required ports and selecting a range of ports to scan, you can also select a domain you need to scan or the IP of your target or just to provide the tool with a text file with list of targets.

To download Advanced Virtual Host BruteForcer follow this link:

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