Adobe Fixed Vulnerability Allows Spy Through Users Webcam

Adobe has released new update for the Flash Player plugin after discovering a new vulnerability makes all users open to a spyware attack.

This new bug has been discovered by Feross Aboukhadijeh, Stanford University computer science student and software developer. Attacker can exploit this vulnerability by creating a web page that may contain a clicking buttons game. With few clicks webcam will be turned on and attacker have a full visibility on what is going on in your place. So the attack can be conducted using a malicious website to activate a hidden iframe window that contains the settings window Adobe Flash Player.

Before publishing his report Aboukhadijeh sent a warning to Adobe regarding this vulnerability few weeks ago but the company declined receiving any message and stated that the problem that he did not reported to the appropriate service which is Incident responding group (Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team, PSIRT).

Now it is important to keep all your software and especialy Adobe flash player updated to be protected against this attack.

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