ADEL – Android Data Forensics Tool

Getting information from a mobile device is becoming more and more popular. ADEL (Android Data Extractor Lite) – a tool helps to automatically extract selected files SQLite database with Android-device 2.x. The program is written in Python, and to interact with the device uses Software Development Kit (Android SDK) and especially the adb deamon.

ADEL ensures that all files extracted from the device will not be modified this is very important during forensic analyses.

ADEL_flowADEL Data Flaw Diagram (1)

The tool itself consists of two separate modules: a module for analysis and a second module for preparing reports, this to reduce additional work for integrating separate tools for creating reports.

The tool allow investigator to have the following data:

  • Phone and SIM-card information (e. g. IMSI and serial number)
  • Phone book and call lists,
  • Calendar entries,
  • SMS messages,
  • GPS locations from different sources on the smartphone.

All data will be stored in XML-format, convenient for their analysis and reporting. you can download the tool from the following Link.


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