Activitywatch – Log what you do on your computer

Keylogger is a very common program that sometime used by malwares and hacker and other time used for security purposes. We call the program keylogger but it will make everything for you. For example take a screenshot, start a webcam recording, display a message , execute a command , capture browsing activity or install another program by a remote attacker. ActivityWatch is one of the legitimate tools that logs and monitor activity on your local system.

ActivityWatch create some graphs and charts with information about active application including the following:

  • Currently active application and the title of its window
  • Currently active browser tab and it’s title and URL
  • Keyboard and mouse activity, to detect if you are afk or not

Some of the new features in latest version:

  • New query2 API for querying and transforming data
  • Added version field to /info endpoint
  • Set stricter allowed CORS origins in testing mode
  • Added –cors-origins CLI argument
  • Added datepicker to the activity view
  • Moved the today/clock visualization into the activity view
  • visualization for most-visited domains
  • New query explorer
  • Now displays version and hostname in bottom-right corner
  • Now uses aw-client-js for all API calls

You can read more and download the latest version over here:

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