Activity Monitor: Strong Tool to Tracks Users Activity

Tracking and monitoring network and computer activity is very important from the security prospective, Today we can find many tools that help to perform these tasks including Activity monitor, Activity monitor is one of these programs that helps to do the following:

  • Control sent &received email and HTTP webmail(Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail).
  • Monitor and record visited websites with time stamp, title, size and URLs.
  • Keep track of every downloaded and uploaded FTP files.
  • Record MSN chats and Windows messages.
  • Filter unwanted websites by file size, host name or IP address.
  • Blocking internet TCP connections and outgoing TCP data.
  • Generate accurate statistics of history mails, visited websites, ftp files.
  • Password protected and user friendly.

When installing the program you will notice that it use winpcap for network sniffing, next you start by the capture engine manager to gather screenshots and information and next you use activity monitor. You can read more and use the tool freely on the official website.

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