Act-platform – Open Threat Intelligence Platform

Act-platform is a research project led by mnemonic as with contributions from the University of Oslo, NTNU, Norwegian Security Authority (NSM), KraftCERT and Nordic Financial CERT.

Act-platform - Open platform to Process Threat Intelligence
Act-platform – Open platform to Process Threat Intelligence

The main objective of the ACT project is to develop a platform for cyber threat intelligence to uncover cyber attacks, cyber espionage and sabotage. The project will result in new methods for data enrichment and data analysis to enable identification of threat agents, their motives, resources and attack methodologies.

In addition, the project will develop new methods, work processes and mechanisms for creating and distributing threat intelligence and countermeasures to stop ongoing and prevent future attacks.

Currently the platform will import OSINT information from several sources including:

Threat intelligence plays an important role in defending against modern threat actors. However existing platforms focus on collecting data rather than analyzing it, lack flexibility to support collaboration, and are often closed solutions that make sharing intelligence a challenge.

User may add new threat feeds and search for objects against a threat beside to display the information in graphs and exporting the result to CSV reports for further analysis.

You can read more and download the platform over here:

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