A Man Jumped on the Mall is Facebook video scam

Facebook users should be careful with a new scam that aims to spread malwares, the scam is a fake video hosted on malicious URL. when victim will open the malicious link he will be invited to install an executable file that allows cybercriminal to hook/ hijack browser activities and promoting certain advertising links.

11 security software identify the exe file to be malicious while the fake link claims to be a video for a man jumped on the mall after he saw the real face of his online girlfriend without camera 360 or retrica (sic) filter. obviously there is no such video but only a scam.

manjumpedScreenshot for the malicious video shared by Malwarebytes

 If you see similar link shared on Facebook make sure to avoid it and it will be possible to flag the URL as a spam. make sure to keep y0ur antivirus updated to have the latest definition and apply all security patches that will fix security vulnerabilities on your operating system including the web browser.

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