7 Reasons Why You Need Internet Monitoring Software

Internet monitoring software should be part of any organization’s defense-in-depth strategy, and can provide your business with several web security benefits. This solution protects your users, your systems, your data, and by extension, your customers, by countering the web threats that come along when permitting your users Internet access. Here are the seven major reasons why Internet monitoring software will protect your network:

  1. Scanning protects you from malware

Internet monitoring software performs malware scanning, this means that everything that comes down from the web is thoroughly scanned. Scanning file downloads and streaming media is a must, but your solution must also scan the web page content too.

  1. Multiple antivirus engines ensure deep protection

No antivirus scanner can provide 100% protection, so layering on the protections with multiple antivirus engines improves your odds significantly.

  1. Website categories to block and to allow

Internet monitoring software allows admins to select user categories of websites, which are updated continuously, to block access to sites that are not in line with company policy, and to permit access to sites that are relevant to the business’s needs.

  1. Whitelists prevent service interruptions

Every business has its list of sites that all users should be able to access during office hours. Whitelists ensure that these business critical sites are never blocked, even if they are categorized as a type you are blocking by default.

  1. Blacklists allow customizations

Many businesses may also have sites that they don’t want their users to view. Blacklists ensure that your users cannot visits these sites, without having to worry about what category they fall under.

  1. Anonymized reports maintain privacy

Unless there’s a real need to associate an activity to a specific user, sometimes all you really need to know is that your Internet monitoring software is doing its job. You don’t need to know who tried to visit an inappropriate site; only that they were blocked. Anonymized reports protect your users’ privacy.

  1. Bandwidth limits protect critical apps

Streaming media can be very useful. Training videos, content about your customers and your competitors, and even internal content posted to YouTube, are all valuable, but too much media streaming can use up the bandwidth that your critical email, company website, and other systems require. Internet monitoring software can permit access to media sites, while ensuring that access doesn’t cause problems for other systems.

Internet monitoring software is a key component of your network security, supporting policy compliance, ensuring that users have a safe and secure work environment, and protecting your company from Internet-based threats. Implementing Internet monitoring software enhances your company’s web security while enabling your users to safely access the Internet.


This guest post was provided by Casper Manes on behalf of GFI Software Ltd. GFI is a leading software developer that provides a single source for network administrators to address their network security, content security and messaging needs. Learn more about why you need Internet monitoring software.

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