550 000 Apple Mac Infected with the FlashBack Malware

Yesterday apple released an urgent update for the critical vulnerability in java component, this bug have been widely exploited on internet to spread BackDoor.Flashback malware that are targeting Mac operating system. Today Dr.web a security software company posted very interesting states that shows number of infected hosts in the cyberspace.

What is important is that this backdoor infected about 344 648 computers in the United States, in the top 5 cities we can find New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Number of Bots in the world (click to enlarge)

The technique used by Dr.web researchers for tracking the botnet is called SINKHOLING where they hijack command & control server communication to their servers, to intercept and track number of victims. the list of website hosting the malware includes the following:

  • godofwar3.rr.nu
  • ironmanvideo.rr.nu
  • killaoftime.rr.nu
  • gangstasparadise.rr.nu
  • mystreamvideo.rr.nu
  • bestustreamtv.rr.nu
  • ustreambesttv.rr.nu
  • ustreamtvonline.rr.nu
  • ustream-tv.rr.nu
  • ustream.rr.nu

Cybercriminals have wisely created this malware and kept silent on this critical bug as they provide each Bot with its own identifier to find their machine at any moment. They also added the load balancing functionality to not lose the communication if main server goes down. With all these numbers of bots and websites that are hosting modern malwares it is very important to apply latest patches and protect yourself against the Flashback attack.

Source: http://news.drweb.com/show/?i=2341