4shared.com Owned!

4shared-HackedYesterday it has been reported that 4shared.com was compromised by members of the Anti-sec group. At first many people didn’t believe that the popular file share portal was hacked till that the official sources confirmed the incident.

This attack was made by the end of last week and all users that attempted to visit or check there files on http://www.4shared.com they got another page on it written “I love Morocco” till now there still no details about the attack (if it is DNS poisoning or PHP include…) and what type of vulnerability was exploited.

Maybe this incident brings a big doubt in the security level at the 4shared.com portal even if many users confirmed that everything seems to be there. Any information stored anywhere can be extracted by hackers and there is nothing to prevent us from encrypting our stored information in any desired form. The most important is to be able to decrypt those files :-).

Now the site is working and open to upload your files but do not leave your data unsecure.

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New Blog Post :4shared.com Owned By Users Who Love Morocco http://bit.ly/136WFH


New Blog Post :4shared.com Owned ! http://bit.ly/136WFH


RT @Sectechno 4shared.com Owned! | SecTechno http://bit.ly/136WFH #Hacking #Security