37 More Malicious Apps Reported at the Android Market

After reporting several malicious cases trend micro alert about more than 37 malicious applications at the Android market, these malicious games are called “fan apps,” which a kind of application that claims to be original one but after executing the app victim will have a message that the game not yet released.

This message is widely used to keep the malicious program running on the background while user will continue to search for the game. A screenshot for Trend Micro shows that the 37 applications are leading to dead links such as adding ‘e’ for Google to have the following URL (www.googel.com) this is a nice trick to avoid detection by Google so no reaction will be made to remove these application.

Facebook as social network is a good way to promote not only blog posts but malwares as victim will be notifying all friends about the malicious application. That’s not all as the Trojan will be gathering sensitive information to send them to remote server this includes: OS version, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), and phone number.

Those information are important and sensitive, a criminal can easily use them to send SMS spams and advertisement, the kind that we receive usually ‘hey you’ve just been Pre-Selected to Win a 1000$ please call this number to have your money’.

This malware Trend Micro detect them as ANDROIDOS_FAKEAPP.SM while the case has been reported to Google and applications are obviously removed from Android Market.

Source: http://blog.trendmicro.com/fan-apps-now-spreading-on-the-android-market/

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