Monthly Archives: February 2019

Recursebuster – Rapid Content Discovery Tool

Recursebuster is a tool that you can use run a recursive-HEAD-spider-assisted search with a single thread using a specific wordlist.

WPSeku – WordPress Security Scanner

WPSeku is a WordPress vulnerability scanner that allows penetration tester to scan target and search for vulnerabilities.

Ghiro – Automated Image Forensics Tool

Ghiro is an Open Source software for digital photo and digital image forensics.

PortExpert – Monitor Applications Connected to Internet

PortExpert gives you a detailed vision of your personnal computer cybersecurity.

NBTempoX – Timelines Forensic Tool

NBTempoX is a GNU-Linux X86-64bit forensic tool for making timelines (in CSV format) from block devices image files (raw, ewf,physicaldrive, etc.)

SysTools E01 Viewer – Forensically Examine .E01 Files

SysTools E01 Viewer is a tool that allows user to search and open an E01 file which can be produced when creating an image from a system.

Browser History Viewer – Tool to Analyze Browser History

Browser History Viewer is a forensic software tool for analyzing internet history from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers.