Monthly Archives: September 2018

Margarita Shotgun – Remote Memory Acquisition Tool

Margarita Shotgun is a command line utility that works with or without Amazon EC2 instances to parallelize remote memory acquisition.

swap_digger – Digging passwords in Linux swap

swap_digger is a bash script used to automate Linux swap analysis for post-exploitation or forensics purpose.

RouterSploit – Exploitation Framework for Embedded Devices

RouterSploit Framework is another open-source that allow penetration tester to exploit different vulnerable devices.

SysmonSearch – Investigate suspicious activity by visualizing Sysmon’s event log

SysmonSearch make event log analysis more effective and less time consuming, by aggregating event logs generated by Microsoft's Sysmon.

Red team Arsenal – Layer 7 Security Scanner

Red Team Arsenal is a web/network security scanner which has the capability to scan all company's online facing assets and provide an holistic security view of any security anomalies.

FIR – Fast Incident Response Tool

FIR is a tool that collects different artifacts on live Linux and records the results in csv files. With the analysis of these artifacts, an early compromission can be detected.

DEFT – Live CD for Forensic Analysis

DEFT (acronym for Digital Evidence & Forensics Toolkit) is a distribution made for Computer Forensics, with the purpose of running live on systems without tampering or corrupting devices (hard disks, pendrives, etc…) connected to the PC where the boot process