Monthly Archives: January 2014

Snoop-it tool to assist security assessments and dynamic analysis of iOS Apps

iOS applications may contain security risk that expose user’s sensitive information to attackers. Auditing programs used on mobile devices is important to make sure that they are safe and do not contain security vulnerabilities. Snoop-it is a tool that you

Key generators for several program spreads malware

Fake AV Trojans of family TROJ_GATAK are increasing according to TrendMicro. The malware is masking as key generators for a wildly used programs. Fake antiviruses are programs that simulate an antimalware in order to obtain a compensation for detecting nonexistent

BANLOAD Trojan tweaked to target Banking customers

Malwares are taking different forms for execution and security measures can fail to prevent the attack. BANLOAD is a malware that targets online banking customers of Banco do Brasil. According to TrendMicro the malware is bypassing all security measures and

LiME – Linux Memory Extractor

Mobile platform security tools are increasing and we have more open source tools that allow to conduct forensic analyses on phone devices. if you want to investigate Android operating system you can use LiME. LiME (formerly DMD) allows to investigate

Microsoft removes vulnerable Tor to protect customers

Microsoft has removed Tor vulnerable program to protect computers from future infections. Everything is done for the benefit of customer computers to make them clean and safe. Vulnerable Tor software installed Sefnit malware. It uses Tor to communicate with the

Microsoft to release 4 patches in January

Microsoft have released the first advance notification for this year with only 4 security bulletins. there is no critical security bulletin but we have one important which is a remote code execution vulnerability.   Windows operating systems, Office and Dynamics

ZeroAccess web fraud botnet takedown affects TDSS

Microsoft started with law enforcement agencies to take down ZeroAccess botnet one of the very active crimeware at the end of last year and that is hardly to remove without damaging the operating system. This malware can be used to