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Moms: Protect Yourselves on Cyber Monday

Shopping with your kids on a normal day is a hassle. That hassle becomes a lot worse on Black Friday, when there’s a risk of losing your kids in the crowd, or worse, having them kidnapped, as Forbes cautions. Luckily

Adobe SWF Investigator – Tool to Debug SWF Applications

Flash programs are widely used on web applications some time they allow web developers to add special animation on the web page or adding banners. Cybercriminals may use the flash to obfuscate malicious files and host on the web malwares.

Network Security vs. Endpoint Security: Which Matters More?

_Cyber attacks affect 556 million victims per year, which amounts to 1.5 million victims per day and 18 victims per second. When funds are illegally stolen from a business or personal bank account, they’re only recoverable 22 percent of the

Warning Signs of Internet and Phone Scams

 Scams employing telecommunications technology are increasing, with Kaspersky reporting global phishing attacks rising from 19.9 to 37.3 million over the last year. Companies as technologically sophisticated as Twitter have fallen prey to simple email scams, as NatGeo News points out.

Sponsored Bing link leads to Malware

Snapchat an application that can be used for taking pictures, record videos and more. ThreatTrack is now alerting that searching for this application may lead to fake and malicious files. The observed link is an ad that is on the

Topera IPv6 analysis tool

Security scanners are important tools that communicate with remote hosts to identify vulnerabilities or security issues. In the network we have several topologies and architecture and it is possible that the scanner be blocked by the intrusion detection and prevention

Wifite v2- Automated Wireless Auditor

Wireless network are available for any user so when you travel you will have wifi in the airports, hotels or coffeshops. Some of them are secured and using encryption others with weak encryption and the remaining wifi are open for