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Red Sox Baseball spam leads to BlackHole Exploit Kit

Cybercriminals are spreading a fake Red Sox ticket purchase emails to redirect victims and urge them installing a malware. Email subject is “Thank You for your order” Date:      Thu, 22 Aug 2013 13:02:19 -0400 [13:02:19 EDT] From:

Simplerisk Enterprise Risk Management Platform

Infrastructure security contains several sources of logs and information that is used to measure security risks in the environment, we have application and system vulnerabilities, antimalware’s, network vulnerabilities intrusion detection and prevention systems and honeypots. All are sending events that

Hook Analyser 2.5 Malware Analysis tool

Hook Analyser is another tool that you can use for reversing applications and analyzing malicious program. The tool allows investigator to launch and capture applications, hook specific process that you find suspicious, conduct a static analysis for malwares and extracting

pev PE analysis toolkit

Reversing PE executable files require a special tools because the payload that may contain the malware in PE files is packed inside another executable file that can be a legitimate. This makes a standard static analyses tool wont be able

Microsoft released 8 patches for August

Microsoft released 8 security patches that are designed to fix 23 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Exchange, and Windows operating system. 3 bulletins are critical as  exploiting the bugs allows an attacker to run a malicious code on system remotely while

Intercepter-NG v0.9.8 New release

New release for Intercepter-NG have been announced, this tool can be used for MITM attack on network during penetration test. the tool is very solid in sniffing passwords ,encrypted traffic , pictures transmitted over messengers and more. Intercepter is very

Fake Email Gift Card Spreading Malwares

Webroot observed a new malicious spam campaign that is targeting windows user. The phishing email is tricking user about receiving legitimate ‘Gift Card’ worth $200 but what is interesting that cybercriminals this time are not only attaching the malware but