Monthly Archives: July 2013

ADEL – Android Data Forensics Tool

Getting information from a mobile device is becoming more and more popular. ADEL (Android Data Extractor Lite) – a tool helps to automatically extract selected files SQLite database with Android-device 2.x. The program is written in Python, and to interact

Cuckoo Sandbox- Automated Malware Analysis Framework

Cuckoo Sandbox is an open source tool that can be used to reverse malwares , exploits, documents and links. the program is written in Python and running in a virtual environment VirtualBox. the application starts by creating a clean snapshot

Symantec Alerts of malware in Android apps

Symantec have spotted a commercial program that adds a malicious code to standard APK files for android system. The application uses an exploit for a recently discovered vulnerability in android smart phones that allows modifying APK with keeping the encryption