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Infosec Weekly Round-up November 19-25, 2012

Proactive detection of security incidents II – Honeypots , ENISA An increasing number of complex attacks demand improved early warning detection capabilities for CERTs. By having threat intelligence collected without any impact on production infrastructure, CERTs can better defend their

Infosec Weekly Round-up November 12-18, 2012

Dumping Domain Password Hashes Using Metasploit (ntds_hashextract.rb) “The ntds_hashextract.rb script is a standalone tool that can be used to quickly and efficiently extract Active Directory user account password hashes from the exported datatable of an NTDS.dit database. As it turns

Infosec Weekly Round-up October 29- November 04, 2012

Popular websites leaking system status information, private data and even passwords Security researchers have discovered that thousands of popular websites are putting their users’ data at risk by leaking internal status information. Most of the sites are only leaking enough