Monthly Archives: March 2012

Facebook Profile Viewer is a Scam

New malicious application have been reported by Sophos that are targeting Facebook users, one thing that is not available on the social network platform is that users cannot check who have visited their profiles, this functionality can be found on

Microsoft Take Down Zeus Banking Trojan Servers

Microsoft are working with Financial Services Industry Leaders to track ZeuS command and control servers that are located all over the cyber space, ZeuS is a malware that are stealing sensitive banking credentials, this step is very important as it

JavaScript Vulnerability in Apple iOS Safari

MajorSecurity have published a security advisory for a moderate vulnerability that affect Mobile Safari web browser for Apple iOS ,  the bug is tested on several devices including iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPad2 and iPad3 running iOS 5.1. Attacker can use this

Infosec Weekly Roundup, March 19 – 25, 2012

For cloud services, security first – growth second, is the winning strategy The first up for this week is by Richard Stiennon, security expert and Chief Research Analyst for IT Harvest, the article covers cloud computing companies and their security

Spammers Use IRS to Distribute Malware

Malicious software have been reported by Sophos that are delivered to victims over email attachment, the email message include a statement that claim all tax refund appeal has been rejected. I think that many people who received this spam will

IronWASP Security Testing Platform

Web applications are one of the most targeted systems on internet as they need to interact and be available to any user, we have on a daily bases new vulnerabilities discovered on these critical applications. Some hackers enjoy using Google

Symantec: Duqu Still Active with New Update

Symantec observed a new driver for Duqu which belongs to February 23, 2012, the file investigated contain a non-encrypted component that led researcher to detect the attack code. Reversing the code showed that attackers are changing and updating their technique