Monthly Archives: March 2012

Skip Tracing Information Gathering Framework

Information gathering is a very important step during a penetration testing project, if you are running a black box penetration test you need to check some online resources to get the details that will help you to find systems used

Visa, MasterCard Alert of 10 million Credit Cards Breach

This morning Brian Krebs posted that Visa and MasterCard started to alert customers about a major security breach that affect their financial credits, about more than 10 million credit cards are compromised, this case is so sensitive that law enforcement

MysqlPasswordAuditor Tool for Recovering Mysql Passwords

Auditing password security level is important to have an idea if the system is secure or not, sometimes system administrators forget about using the secure password and leave it weak to remember it later, this is not good practice. To

Fake Android Mobile Game Spreads Malware

Malwares that are targeting Android system are often reported by most AV vendors. Today Sophos lab posted a new version that claims to be a Chinese game called “The Roar of the Pharaoh”. ¬†Well for this case the malicious software

Process Hacker Tool for Manipulating System Services and Processes

Windows operating system contain services and processes, some of them are required for certain tasks or operations other consume the memory without any usage and some are on the system with a malicious intent. To detect and resolve what you

VX Heavens Malware-Sharing Site Closed

Today VX Heavens a widely known and old malware research portal goes down, the website contain a useful documentation about all kind malwares but beside all that the forum contain a virus exchange portal where users and moderators share different

DPScan a simple scanner for DRUPAL CMS

Drupal is considered one of the most secured CMS (content management system) and for any person that are looking to host web application securely he will give it a big priority, if you are going to audit a Drupal website