Monthly Archives: February 2012

Beware of more rogueware scams

Today two new fake antivirus have been reported by S!Ri , the first is Windows Firewall Constructor and the second Windows Stability Guard, both of them are from the same family but they change their name and what they claim

Verifying SSL Security with sslyze

Many people are speaking these days about the SSL-Exhaustion attack which is a way to make any https server out of service, this attack allow hackers to take down any server remotely by using a special vulnerability widely known since

Secunia PSI 3.0 Gives your PC Better Protection!

Scunia security software company have just released a new version for thier free Personal Security Inspector (PSI). The new Secunia PSI now offers **automated patching** of software which will reduce the chore of individuals keeping software programs secure and up

Wikileaks and Anonymous release “global intelligence files” Part one

Today, Monday 27 February, Anonymous have started in a new union with wikileaks planning to publish “The global intelligence files”. Those files are belonging to global intelligence company Stratfor and containing a lot of confidential information. More than five million

Infosec Weekly Radar, February 20 – 26 ,2012

A Brief History of Firewalls and the Rise of UTM The first article is a guest blog by Richard Stiennon, security expert and Chief Research Analyst for IT Harvest, the article covers one of the most important security device which

Windows Secure Kit 2011 Spreads via Malicious Ad Campaign

Malwares and scam software’s are spreading on internet very quickly, Windows Secure Kit 2011 is a well know fake antivirus which will claim that computer is infected by several viruses and malwares and urge users to purchase an online license

Stealing Sensitive Data From Android Devices

Android is now widely used all over the world, this is due to possibility for installing free applications and not expensive device prices, but on the other hand there are a lot of vulnerabilities that are discovered on a daily