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Activity Monitor: Strong Tool to Tracks Users Activity

Tracking and monitoring network and computer activity is very important from the security prospective, Today we can find many tools that help to perform these tasks including Activity monitor, Activity monitor is one of these programs that helps to do

Windows 8 The Art of Bootkit

At MalCon security conference in Mumbai, Peter Kleissner  demonstrated how to install bootkit on the next Microsoft operating system Windows 8. The exploit can bypass the new security measures implemented on Windows 8 to load directly in the memory to

Artillery Combine Honeypot Monitoring and Prevention

Dave (ReL1K) Kennedy author of The Social-Engineering Toolkit (SET) have released last December another interesting tool written in python that helps to protect *nix based system with a combination of honeypot , monitoring and prevention systems. Honeypot is a good

Infosec Weekly Radar, January 23 -29 , 2012

Anonymous Attacks Irish Government Websites While we have been following #opmegaupload this week Anonymous group launched a parallel DDoS attack targeting Ireland facilities, here Brian Honan released a blog post about the attack and some very important proactive measures to

Identity Finder Tool for Securing the Sensitive Information

Any person that are using internet are faced by all kind of threats including hackers, malwares and viruses. We authenticate to some critical services without considering if we are secure or not. Some people use shared computers on public internet

Twitter Takes on Security

Nearly every Twitter user out there– whether you’re an individual using it to connect with friends or a business trying to network with colleagues or market your company – has probably encountered some form of the prolific Twitter spam that

Several Zero-Days on Latest WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS is now open to several vulnerabilities that allow an attacker to conduct SQL injection and run a malicious javascript on visitor’s machine over a cross site scripting bug. Actually the bug exist during the installation process so in