Monthly Archives: December 2011

UK Household Botnet Infestation

An international study has revealed a staggering 6% of household computers are harbouring malicious botnets. This equates to over one million households in the UK alone being in regular connection to the criminal networks. The botnets attack websites, send spam,

Infosec Weekly Roundup, December 5 – 11, 2011

Trustworthy Cyberspace: Strategic Plan for the Federal Cybersecurity Research and Development Program New document released by the US government that outlines set of interrelated priorities for the agencies of the U.S. government that conduct or sponsor research and development (R&D)

New Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

The Hacker News lunched an initiative for the New Year release called “Enter At Your Own Risk” Cyber Awareness Campaign. This idea comes as a group of bloggers that will provide articles on magazine to raise the cyber security awareness.

Coca-Cola Norway Website Hacked

Hundreds of websites are hacked on daily bases but when it comes to multinational company with big budgets and investment this will be the first topic on news. Today a Greek hacker defaced first soft drink company Coca cola in

Dorkbot worm propagates over Facebook Chat

All social network websites are expanding their functionality to attract more users; if you are subscribed on Facebook you will notice that it is now possible to use webcam, chat or even play games. For all these features there are

Infosec Weekly Roundup, November 27-December 4,2011

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account Facebook incidents are very common Robert Siciliano provides a simple way that you can use if you feel that someone have used your Facebook account without your permission or you are looking to

Cybersecurity Conf & Expo – Washington , DC

The Cybersecurity Conference & Expo is coming up next Thursday December 8-9 in Washington, DC – delivering in-depth training for government practitioners and essential networking opportunities with government and industry leaders at the forefront of cybersecurity initiatives. The 2-day conference