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10 Biggest Complaints About Mobile Providers

Like everything else in life, mobile service providers have their good and bad points. In a perfect world, maybe we’d find one with the perfect plan and no down side. Since we aren’t aware of any cell towers in Paradise,

Infosec Weekly Roundup

Malware Signed With a Governmental Signing Key F-Secure Lab have found this week a malware that are digitally signed by a stolen government certificate belonging to the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute. WireShnork – A Snort plugin for

Secret Disk Application to Hide Personal Data

Protecting information from unauthorized access or destruction is very important. from the technical point of view this is possible using special security settings and applications, there is a very interesting solution called Secretdisk that do not use any encryption but

FileLife Keep your File in Control

Data leakage is a problem that we face at any corporate environment, I remember a case at a Television where a team prepared an interview with a political person, this interview have been saved on the shared server and was

Why Patch Management Should Not Be a Fire and Forget Operation

We all know that patch management is an essential task to keep our network safe. There are various approaches to running a patch management process. Windows allows an administrator to set the auto-update system to automatically install patches when these

Using mod_rewrite to harden Apache

Most installations of Apache should come with the mod_rewrite module already configured and active.  For those of you that are hosting the web server on a shared hosting environment (ie: you’ve bought a generic web hosting package), then you are

Infosec Weekly Roundup

Tunisian Honeynet portal is launched tunCERT have launched their Honeynet portal that include several public information about malwares and cleanup services, portal display and map attacks in the cyberspace. Now you can join LinkedIn group or follow the update on