Monthly Archives: November 2011

TeamP0ison Leaks Old UN Email Credentials

Teamp0ison a hacking group have managed to breach servers that are belonging to the united nation, more than thousand of email account have been leaked on pastbin that include usernames and passwords for UN employees. Up to now we have

GFI Webmonitor Gateway with Multi-layered Security

System administrator’s main focus is protecting corporate information resources, one of major source of threats is Internet and we need to be very careful in dealing with unreliable access to Web resources, if we talk about security professionals than we

OneSwarm a secure P2P file sharing utility

Peer 2 peer is a widely used protocol that help in sharing and connecting nodes on internet, I think any person in the past used all sharing programs such as Bittorrent , kazaa or napster which allows to exchange files

Infosec Weekly Roundup

Black Friday: 5 Tips to Stay Safe this Holiday Season The first up is five useful tips from GFI about how to be safe during the holidays, these steps are very important for all your online activities so be sure

Apache reverse proxy bug allows compromising internal system

Apache team is working on fixing a new vulnerability that allows an attacker from internet to have an internal access to the system. This zero day is reported by Prutha Parikh from Qualys. On a blog post published there are

HttpWatch Integrated WEB Sniffer

HTTPWatch is an advanced tool for analyzing traffic transmitted over web application, the tool integrates add-on for different web browsers to monitor and sniff network traffic.  After installing the tool you will have the following tabs: Overview here you will

Windows 8 easy and simple install

Microsoft going to release Windows 8 on next year with several new features, the new operating system can be purchased online with a simple installation that takes few minutes. Installation processes takes about 11 mouse clicks to make it as