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MultiObfuscator Protect Your Privacy

To protect any information you need to take some preventive measures, encrypting all sensitive resources will help in the security of these data, However if an attacker have a physical access to this media he will be able to restore

OSForensics – New Release

We have posted previously about the OSForensics tool that has been in beta version, this utility is very solid in displaying all required information when conducting operating system investigation, According to PassMark Software this new version include several new features:

Appologies to my readers

Dear readers I have an apology to make. As you may know it was recently highlighted by that content on my blog and in other publications, such as the book Cloud Security Rules, were plagiarised. have outlined their

Adobe Fixed Vulnerability Allows Spy Through Users Webcam

Adobe has released new update for the Flash Player plugin after discovering a new vulnerability makes all users open to a spyware attack. This new bug has been discovered by Feross Aboukhadijeh, Stanford University computer science student and software developer.

Cybersecurity Conf & Expo – Washington , DC

The Cybersecurity Conference & Expo is coming up December 8-9 in Washington, DC – delivering in-depth training for government practitioners and essential networking opportunities with government and industry leaders at the forefront of cybersecurity initiatives. The 2-day conference will offer

Remote Access to VirtualBox Over Web Browser

Accessing your machine remotely can be very important especially if you are traveling a lot and have some data stored on your machine and look to have your environment from any place. Usually administrators block outband traffic as a security

Network Scanner – Properly Handling Patch Management

A network scanner is a must for every organization. An important feature in this great network security tool is patch management. Irrespective of which network scanner you use, there is a certain procedure that one should follow when handling patch