Monthly Archives: September 2011

10 Ways a Computer Virus is Like the Flu

I was noticing, a while back, that my computer and I have some things in common. In particular, we are seriously similar in how we act when we get sick. Here are 10 ways that a computer virus is like

Websecurify Website Security Testing Framework

Over several years compromising web application is the first target for hackers, after attacking any website hacker under a certain name promotes the attack by adding it to is a website archive of versions of defaced websites.The sources of the hacked website

iScanner Utility for Cleaning Infected Websites

One of the major problems that we face on Internet is infected website, some website owner they are not aware that they are hosting viruses. Usually criminals inject malicious code on to innocent web pages by using Google search engine

Scammers exploit DigiNotar SSL certificate Hack

Spammers and malware distributors have started to take advantage of Dutch certificate authority DigiNotar. After that the Dutch government alerted about attackers managed to hack into web security firm where hundreds of bogus security certificates that could be used on

Will Windows 8 be the safest operating system?

Microsoft rolls out their new OS after every three years. Windows 7 was launched in the year 2010, so it is said that Windows 8 would be rolled out in 2013. Bill Gates in his blog states that, “We have

ZeroAccess / Max++ Rootkit New Variants

New variant of Zero access malware is now available, this Trojan horse that has rootkit behavior and can create a hidden file system. It may also open a back door on the compromised computer. Uploading the malware to virus total

DeepSAFE Unique Hardware-Assisted Malware Protection

New security solution has been introduced today by MacAfee, DeepSAFE is security platform comes to control and block malwares at the lowest level. According to the company, the platform will provide antivirus under the operating system, in the virtuale layer