Monthly Archives: August 2011

Skype Vulnerable to HTML/(Javascript) Code Injection

New HTML Javascript Code Injection vulnerability have been discovered in Skype the flaw code and PoC are published on Noptrix website, affected software version is Skype or older that are installed on windows XP , Vista or se7en. Skype

Fake Antivirus Attack Not Out

A new case have been observed by Armorize researchers that discovers  a mass malicious code injection on different vulnerable website on internet, Security lab estimate at least 22,400 unique domains are spreading malwares by including a malicious iFrame-code. Attackers this

Why Don’t Smartphone Users Have an Antivirus Program?

Smartphones may be smaller, and they use a different operating system, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to hackers and vulnerabilities. In many ways, they’re at higher risk than personal computers and can provide attackers with a ton of information.

BART Police Database Hacked #OpBART

A database with information about the members of the police BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) has been hacked in the #OpBart operation. The database, published on Pastebin, contained information on names, addresses and accounts for more than 100 police officers.

Spammers Raise Their Game

According to new research conducted by M86 Security Labs, number of malicious spams has increased in a significant way in August. Last week spams increased by 13 per cent while this week it has reached the 24%. Majority of these

Malware Removal Guide for Windows

Very Interesting resource for removing windows viruses is Malware Removal Guide for Windows; the guide goes over a complete tutorial and free tools for analyzing and removing different malware on windows operating system: “This guide will help you clean your

McAfee Selling Services that iCloud Does It for Free!

McAfee today announced their software WaveSecure to protect mobile phones iOS, Android and BlackBerry, the security product allows you to remotely delete data or block device from web-portal, as well as to back up your contacts, pictures and videos on